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5 Regarding NBA2K17 Thoughts

For the MyCareer plot next year, There are multipe scenarios, hence, we can made a name for scenarios that could happen. Someone who bought cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC, You can join them.


College only.
NBA2K15 (undrafted)
Straight outta high school
High school and college
NBA2K11 (summer league)
Rookie Showcase w Jackson Ellis

I’m expecting the straight outta high school one because Thon Maker did that and 2k might be interested in something like that. I’m also expecting something with summer league because that was highlighted for 2k16 a little bit but they did that in MyLeague and MyGm and 2K fans really want that but do you really think 2k listens to their viewers. The rookie showcase would really piss people off because us 2k people want new content each year.

I will expected a good MyCareer storyline in 2K17, due to Spike Lee’s MyCareer took too long as well as there were so many cutscenes. If a good MyCareer, it can be cutscenes that are spread out, such as in 2K15 where there were cutscenes in the 4th year but not as many. When players are facing cheap NBA 2K17 MT and they’re get excited.


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